Smart Home Retrofit – Wireless Home Surveillance


As someone who wants to do everything in my power to keep my family safe and protected, I could not wait to get to know the Retrofit company and learn about the home monitoring system options they had available. I had heard many great things about them in the past and was certain that I would go above and beyond in keeping my family protected with the great home monitoring services  and products they offered.

The Retrofit Difference

I was not disappointed by any means with the products that I saw. They had a wide selection of products for me to choose from, and this is always a piece of assurance when you are shopping.  It is so easy to browse the security products they sale, and with a ton of information about each and every system they have available you can always shop as an informed consumer who really knows their stuff, all without causing a headache by having to search in 100 different places.

In the end I selected the   SecureLinc 2 system. This system was a bit costlier than the rest, but was something that gave me a great deal of assurance that I had never felt before. I wanted protection and I felt this would give me just what I  wanted and needed as well as that great peace of mind that comes with it, too.

I chose this particular system because it was offered at a great price, the easy set up of the entire system and the many features that it offered to me, including the ability to monitor and control the system from anywhere, including my mobile phone. It featured an LCD screen which was easy to read, see and use, and was so easy to set up.

The home security system cost me just under $600, but as I stated I want to keep my family protected and will do so regardless of  how much it costs me. Having the peace of mind that I know have with this system, as well as the peace of mind, is second to none and something that I would not change for the world.

So Many Home Security Choices

The SecureLinc 2 was one of many different wireless home surveillance retrofit choices that were available to me, and I am glad that I chose it. It is a home security system that I would recommend to anyone who wants to go the extra mile to protect their loved ones. I have been using the system for just over one year now, and while I have thankfully not had to use the services, I am confident should that need ever arise in my life.

Some of the other popular brands that I saw at Retrofit included Elk, Mace, and Essence Security. These popular brands are just as good as SecureLinc from what I have heard. These brands are a bit more cost effective than SecureLinc and provide their own array of great features and benefits.